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    Because you are ordering an original scorecard, some as old as 25 years, we cannot guarantee that the card will be in perfect condition. Many of the cards show signs of wear and tear, water marks and smudged ink, rough edges and small tears associated with the team's travels. Please note the scorecards are double sided. All cards include a Certificate of Authenticity.


    There are 2 classifications of available scorecards:

    1. The Archived Scorecards are all scorecards that are not considered features. All archived scorecards are $15.00 and are personally autographed by Lanny Frattare. If you are interested in more than one Archived scorecard, you can save $5 by ordering more than one. All Archived scorecards ordered after the first one are only $10.00 (same order only). If you are interested in seeing whether certain scorecards are available, please visit the Archives.

    2. The Featured Scorecards are scorecards whose contents have some special significance with regard to the ballclub. They include opening nights, no-hitters, division playoffs, shut-outs, games in which a club or major league record was broken, MLB milestones, and autographed scorecards.

    Information on these cards can be found HERE. The features are marked by a colored dot which signifies the 4 levels of available cards. A description of these color codes and scorecards is as follows:

    = $25.00
    These featured cards include 1 Hitters, Shut-Outs, Home Runs, and great plays.
    = $75.00
    These featured cards include first and last games of managers, Major League debuts, milestones and records.
    = $100.00
    These featured cards include Division Clinchers, NLCS Games, milestones, ML Baseball records.
    = $250.00 +
    These featured cards are the PREMIER cards of the collection. They include Stargell's Final Game and Final Home Run, the Final Game at Three Rivers, McGwire's 63rd Homerun and others.

    When searching for a specific scorecard, please refer to the following symbols:
    1. - Scorecard available
    2. - Scorecard unavailable


    Because there is only one of each particular scorecard, we ask that you email us first at: dfrattare@gmail.com to ensure that we have your scorecard(s) in stock before you send us payment. We will make every attempt to constantly update our Archives, but cannot guarantee that all cards listed as available in the Archives will be available.

    When we receive your email, we will send you a confirmation email with information regarding the availability of your requested scorecards, the total price of your order, as well as payment, shipping and return information.

    Our email will allow you to pay two different ways:

    If you are paying with cash, personal checks or money orders, information about where to send the money will be provided in the email that you receive.

    Lanny Frattare Scorecards uses Paypal.com for Mastercard and Visa credit card orders. After proceeding to Paypal, follow the instructions for Sending Money to an email address. Please make note of the cards you are interested in as well as your shipping address.

    Payment should be sent to: dfrattare@gmail.com.


    Orders will be shipped immediately upon payment. Please note personal checks require a clearance period.

    All scorecards will be shipped in heavy duty mailers through the United States Postal Service. A flat fee of $5.00 will be added to your purchase for shipping.

  5. 100% GUARANTEE

    If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly refund your money upon return of the original scorecard. Lanny Frattare Scorecards recommends that you insure all returns.


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